Captivated (NFT album edition)

결제 수단
주문 개수


총 합계




An intimate song collection by Eduardo Del Signore Track List: 1. One Lifetime 2. Serafin 3. Cocos Azules 4. Si Por Amor 5. Boabdil 6. Captivated 7. Song of Ossanha 8. Sight 9. Hope Credit Produced by Eduardo Del Signore Co-Produced by Stephen Krause Additional production, Jon Hassell, Lee Curreri, Jorginho Gularte and Geoff Bridgford Recorded by Stephen Krause, Eduardo Del Signore, Lee Curreri, Mark Vincent, Luis Ripol and Geoff Bridgford. Mixed by Stephen Krause, Eduardo Del Signore and Lee Curreri. Mastered by Eduardo Del Signore Cover Art by Michele Mitchell