NFT / Web3 Wallet

What are NFTs?
The dictionary meaning of NFT (Non-fungible Token) is 'a unique token created based on blockchain technology'. Unlike general data on the Internet, all NFTs have a unique value that cannot be duplicated or replaced. For example, when 100 NFT albums named 'A' are released, even if the cover art and contents of the 100 albums are all the same, each NFT is distinct from each other on the blockchain. Therefore, unlike general digital content, content in NFTs can have exclusive value.
What is Metamask?
Metamask is an Ethereum-based electronic wallet used to purchase NFTs. If you have a Metamask wallet, you can purchase NFTs by logging into the 3PM service with that account. For instructions on how to create a Metamask wallet, please refer to this link.
Can I buy NFTs without a Metamask account?
Yes. 3PM supports social login (Google/KakaoTalk/Facebook), and you can use 3PM service by logging in with your account. In addition, even if you do not have a cryptocurrency, you can purchase NFTs through simple payment such as a credit card (regardless of whether you have a Metamask wallet).
I lost my Metamask account.
Metamask accounts are not managed by 3PM, so we are unable to assist you in recovering lost accounts. If you are logged in with a Metamask account, please pay special attention to managing your login information. (However, if you have purchased a ticket NFT, please let us know the name of the purchaser/registered phone number/ticket type and quantity purchased through Channel Talk on the 3PM website, and we will assist you in reissuing after checking.)

How To Use The 3PM Website

How do I enjoy the NFT album I purchased?
If you select the NFT album you purchased from My Page > My Collection, you will be taken to the media browser page where you can enjoy the album. Depending on the NFT album you purchased, you may be able to download content. For details, please refer to the detail page of the NFT you purchased.
How do I use the purchased NFT ticket?
If you select the NFT ticket you purchased from My Page > My Collection, you can check the reservation information and the QR code that can be used for admission. Please refer to the information for each performance for the exact admission procedure.
I can't see the NFT I purchased
Purchased NFTs can be checked on My Page. If you cannot see the NFT you purchased, please check if the account you are logged in with is the account you purchased the NFT from. If the account information is correct and it is not confirmed after 1 hour of purchase, please contact us through the Channel Talk on the 3PM website.
Why do I need to register my phone number on the website?
For those who have purchased NFT tickets, we recommend registering a phone number for on-site guidance such as sending performance-related text messages and entering the venue. The phone number registered on the 3PM website is used only for customer guidance and inquiry handling.
I have created more than 2 accounts. Is it possible to transfer NFTs between accounts?
You can transfer your NFTs from the media browser page. Please note that we only support transfer of music NFTs and not ticket NFTs.
I lost my 3PM account.
If you send us the phone number you registered and the details of the NFT you purchased with Channel Talk on the 3PM website, we will check and help you.

Payment / Refund

What should I do to secondary sale/transfer of the purchased NFT?
If you purchased it with your Metamask wallet login, you can sell it through OpenSea, and transfer is also possible through ‘transfer’ on the Metamask page. However, if you purchased through social login (Google/KakaoTalk/Facebook), you can only transfer from the media browser page.
Can I refund purchased NFTs?
Due to the nature of NFTs, refunds for purchased NFTs are not possible in principle. However, in the case of ticket NFTs, they are used for participating in and watching offline events, so you can request a separate refund. For the refund policy and method of the purchased ticket NFT, please check the detailed page of the NFT on the 3PM website.

Business / Recruitment

I want to release an NFT at 3PM.
For music, learn more at https://dist.3pm.earth. Otherwise, please contact contact@3pm.earth with the NFT information you wish to release.
Is it possible to collaborate on NFTs other than music or ticket NFTs?
It's possible. Please submit the Partnership and Collaboration Typeform.
I want to join 3PM.
Please send a brief portfolio and desired job position to contact@3pm.earth.

Still have questions?

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