World Music #1





어느새부턴가 주변을 의식하기 시작했고 자극적인 이슈들로만 가득한 세상에 던져졌다. 그렇지만 이러한 현상은 일반적이였고, 대수롭지 않은 듯 했다. 누군가의 이슈는 단 몇 초만에 흘러지나가고, 이슈의 휘발성은 더욱 심화되었다. 아무도 관심없는 어떠한 주변 찰나의 순간이 궁금해졌다. 남기고 싶다. Before I realized, I began to be aware of my surroundings and was thrown into a world full of provocative issues. However, this phenomenon was common and seemed insignificant. Someone's issue has passed by in a matter of seconds, and the volatility of the issue has been intensified. I became curious about the moment around me that nobody was interested in. I want to leave something.