LOCO of YURIM (Card Album)

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LOCO of YURIM (Card Album) After 2 years and 7 months, 3YE is back with a brand new single! Check out Yurim's behind-the-scenes content and video for "LOCO," a single that showcases his musical exploration of Afrobeats! [Contents] Digital MD 1 ea - Behind Video Clips (16 exclusive video clips) - Moments of LOCO (Yurim) (17 exclusive photos) Card Album - NFC Card (W 54 * H 88 (mm) / 1 ea) - Photo Card (W 54 * H 88 (mm) / 3 ea) [Notice] * LOCO of YURIM (Card Album) includes a digital package and physical NFC card album with digital content inside. * Please note that this album does not contain any music content. * This album is sold in limited quantities. * Minor scratches on physical goods such as NFC card albums and photocards are not eligible for exchange, and in case of severe damage, please contact contact@3pm.earth with the following information. - A video of the album unboxing (please start with the delivery box). - Buyer's full name - Buyer contact information - Address of the e-wallet where the item was purchased (available on the 3PM website β†’ MY PAGE)