[By.Miku] Ordinary and Sometimes (BeatWall)

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"Ordinary and Sometimes" by MIKU captures the fleeting waves of unexpected emotions that surge within the urban daily life. Splashes of vibrant pink against a stark black backdrop visualize moments that break away from the mundane, symbolizing those brief encounters with the extraordinary within our routine lives. This vivid contrast in colors showcases the richness of emotions that can be artistically expressed even within the ordinary, prompting viewers to explore the emotional spectrum between their everyday and extraordinary moments. This piece explores the complexity and diversity of human emotions that oscillate between the ordinary and the exceptional in MIKU's artistic vision. It intricately portrays the spectrum of emotions accessible in modern life, capturing aesthetic moments found within the mundane and revealing the depth and variety of emotions hidden within. "Ordinary and Sometimes" invites audiences to reflect on the aesthetic and emotional layers that our everyday life conceals. [Product Description] Material: Matte canvas frame (cotton + poly) Size: 254mm x 254mm x 30mm (10" x 10") * The color of the actual item may differ from the picture due to the specifications of your monitor and computer. [Purchase Information] - This product includes a digital certificate of authenticity to prove genuine purchase history. - Please note that this product does not contain any sound content. - There is a metal hook on the top of the product that allows you to hang the product on the wall. When hanging the product on the wall, we recommend that you secure it to the wall to avoid the risk of the product falling. - Please note that the product does not include any additional accessories (nails, dowels, picture frames, etc.) required for mounting/displaying the product. Thank you for your understanding. - Product delivery time is within 10 business days, excluding weekends and holidays, after receipt of order. [About exchanges and refunds] - Product refunds due to buyer's simple change of mind can be requested within 7 days of receipt of the product, and refunds can only be issued for cases received by contact@3pm.earth within this period (buyer pays return shipping). - Returns/exchanges due to reasons attributable to the seller can be requested within 30 days of receipt of the product and must be submitted to contact@3pm.earth within this period (seller pays return shipping). - Minor scratches that do not prevent the product from being hung/displayed are not eligible for exchange/refund. - If your purchase is severely damaged, please contact us at contact@3pm.earth with the following information 1) Your full name 2) Your contact information 3) Product and quantity purchased 4) An unboxing video of the purchased product (please start with the delivery box). - Exchanges, refunds, etc. are not available for damages caused by the customer's installation/display of the product after receiving the product. * This product is released under a formal license agreement with the artist.