Raw Sound

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* This product is an NFT album, which does not contain a physical album, and the songs in the album can be listened to by clicking on the NFT in MY COLLECTION within the 3PM service. The band Dog tired's first EP album Raw Sound has been released as an NFT. In this album, you can find tracks that metallized blues and hard-rock. This NFT includes the secondary usage rights of Raw Sound! - Raw Sound The sound is heavy and harsh, but it doesn't feel loud. There is a distinctive Dog tired lyricism throughout that contrasts with the heavy riffing intro. Dramatic and intimate melodies drive the narrative of a narrator who can't let go of his dreams despite his anguish. This EP is a concept album like Queensryche's Operation mindcrime or WASP's Crimson idol, The untold stories will be completed through a full-length album in the future. Credits Dog Tired EP Raw Sound 1. Voodoo girl part.1 (Intimate stranger) Lyrics by μ΅œμ„±μ€ Composed by Moon Han Kyu 2. Sweet maiden whisper Lyrics by μ΅œμ„±μ€ Composed by Moon Han Kyu 3. Mirror of darkness Lyrics by Kendrick Lamar Composed by Moon Han Kyu 4. Deep gray sigh Lyrics by The Drifters Composed by Moon Han Kyu 5. Voodoo girl part.2 (Shade in the fog) Lyrics by μ΅œμ„±μ€ Composed by Jinri Kim, Hankyu Moon