Since 2020, SleepingLion has been recording and archiving sounds left on Earth to create a daily life that is aligned with the sounds of nature. Volcanic islands that have been recognized for their ecological value, such as World Natural Heritage, Biosphere Reserve, and World Geopark, and Jeju Island are used as base camps to face amazing sounds such as caves, coasts, rivers, oreums, Gotjawal, mountains and forests, and pastures. To help more and more people have time to interact with nature through the sounds of nature, we have launched and operated a baby sleep app called Bebeslip in 177 countries, and we are conducting a sound landscape experience program called Sound Walking throughout Jeju Island. Sound landscapes archived by SleepingLion are available through the online exhibition space 'Sound Bunker (www.soundbunker.net). Through the sounds of nature, I hope we can find the seeds of lost ecological sensitivity and have time to recover them.