BrillLion is a melodic bass artist/producer. He made his debut as a solo artist with the single 'Nightmare' in 2018, and after releasing songs with the theme of chill such as 'Afterglow' and 'Hear Love' in 2019, he established his own musical world. He has ventured into various major international labels and released numerous singles and remixes. Many people are captivated by his unique lyrical and dreamy melodies and chords, and recently he surpassed 3.5 million streams on Spotify worldwide. He has also gained recognition by winning numerous awards in remix competitions around the world. His single 'How Long' released in 2022 received support from Illenium, a pioneer of melodic bass/future bass, on his podcast 'Phoenix Radio'. BrillLion's music philosophy is "to heal myself through my music and ultimately heal everyone who listens." So if you have any interest in melodic bass music, BrillLion is an artist to watch out for.