Metal Blood (3PM Edition)

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EVA’s debut single, “Metal Blood,” is part of the MIXtown project, encapsulating the dual persona of EVA, who lives in the CryptoPunks town. On daytime, EVA presents a sophisticated and elegant appearance, but as night falls, the character reveals hidden green clown eyes and performs an aggressive metal riff. “Metal Blood” serves as an outlet for EVA to express her inner instincts as a metallic entity. The song carries a deep and intense energy, portraying EVA’s inner outcry against the falsehoods and narratives concealed within the gradually deepening night, discovering another facet of herself. EVA’s “Metal Blood” album goes beyond mere music, serving as an experimental exploration of the possibilities of Web3-based virtual artists. Her musical journey will become a part of the unfolding MIXtown universe, connecting with more listeners in the future. - Composed by EVA - Lyrics by EVA - Cover Art by Kentin Creative