LACUNA (라쿠나)

Inspired by the memory-erasing company in the movie Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Lacuna's sound is as dreamy and intense as a summer night's all-color dream. The on-stage chemistry of the four boys, combined with their creative songwriting and poetic lyrics based on British rock, conveys the deep colors of youth. After releasing their EP [I'll give you a dream that never ends] in December 2018, they have released a total of four EPs and two singles, and have been featured on compilation albums such as the compilation [bright #8]. Based on the new musical direction shown in their EP "Summer Tales," released in February, the group appeared on the Mnet band survival "Great Seoul Invasion" and sold out a 400-seat solo performance, proving their potential as a festival powerhouse by participating in Grand Mint Festival 2019, Beautiful Mint Life 2022, and Grand Mint Festival 2022. She also showed her musical growth by releasing the single "I Love You," which showed her maturity. In 2023, the group is expanding its position as a performance powerhouse not only in Korea but also overseas by holding Beautiful Mint Life 2023, the largest megaport festival in Taiwan, and a solo performance in Germany. The group released the singles "Summer of the Universe" and "John" in July and August to showcase its expanded musical worldview, attracting attention in the domestic and international music markets.