numnum is a band formed in 2016 that doesn't care about a certain genre. The name of this band comes from the Gyeongsang-do dialect of different each other. It is also an abbreviation for too much. Just like the name of the band, all the members have different histories. Yoon-Jeong Lee (vocalist) is from the punk band Pippi Band, which was the symbol of the end of the century, and the performance group Called EE. Lee Seung-hyuk (guitarist), who has hip-hop roots, is from a band called Lemon and He was a host of Puppy Radio. Lee Jae (bassist), who likes sophisticated rock, is a member of the band Beauty Handsome and is known for her sessions with several musicians, including Emon.Starting with the first single <It's a TRAP!> in 2018, the band has showed music that has gone beyond certain genres. Somewhere, it seems to like Devo and Talking Heads, as well as Red Hot Chili Peppers. With hip-hop and electronica added to it, the music style of the band's own was born. Numnum's unique sound has captured the world. After debuting at 'Zandari Festa', Korea's largest showcase, they performed unrivaled at 'DMZ Peace Train Music Festival South Korea' and 'Sled Island Music & Arts Festival Canada' in 2019. In 2020, numnum participated in '2020 Love City Seoul & Tokyo' . Also the band was recognized for its musicality and the prospect of going worldwide by getting the final victory in 'Vans Musician Wanted'