OurR (아월)

Our loneliness that fills your loneliness, OurR OurR is a three-piece band formed by Lee Member (producer, keyboards), Park Jin Kyu (bass), and Hong Dahae (vocals, guitar). In 2018, the band debuted with the single "Desert" and opened for Boy Pablo in Korea. In the same year, they released the title track "Birthday" from the mint paper project [bright #7], and the following year, they showed a wider and more pronounced musical expansion through the single "Swing," and then completed the full color of OurR with the single "haaAakkKKK!!!" with bold artwork and an addictive bass line. Since then, OurR has expanded from recordings to performances, appearing on festival lineups and collaborating with senior musicians including Life and Time, Thornapple, and Clashquai. In 2019, they released their autobiographical EP [I], a stunning collaboration between pop and trip-hop, followed by their first solo concert with visuals and a rooftop party, setting themselves apart from other up-and-coming bands. OurR gradually expanded their activities to overseas markets with a vinyl release in Japan and participation in the Reeperbahn Festival in Germany. With the release of their second EP, "can't," OurR received a good response from domestic and international fans, and their subsequent single, "Sleep," received over 3 million views on their music video, proving their potential in overseas markets. In the summer of 2023, OurR announced a new direction for the team with the release of the single "Gap," and they are preparing to release a new single this winter.