What's Your Fantasy - Domina Edition

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A lusciously powerful synth-driven art dreampop track that takes you on a sensory, sonic experience into the world of Polartropica. This romantic, goth fairy world is inspired by beautiful vampires, fairies, venus flytraps - the extravagant indulgence and abundance of fall and lore of Halloween that can be enjoyed all year round. This NFT includes stem files, VIP Cherry Vampire level Meet and Greet privileges at any Polartropica headline show or tour stop, and exclusive mailing list with access to presales and exclusive new merch and future releases. The Domina Edition NFT contains the bootleg clip from the Theater Regidency live(2019), photo collection from the music video, the first guide track of the song, the instrumental version of the song, and the stem files of the song. artwork by Matius Machuca IG: @matiasartwork