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Musical You&It Original Sound Track *Purchasers of this product will receive a physical product and NFC card merchandise in addition to the digital NFT product. In the near future, Gyujin, a metal crafter, and Mina, a potter, lived together and worked in an old house in Daegu. However, Gyujin’s wife, Mina, has passed away. Gyujin suffers pain alone, remaining in the space where two were together. One day, an advertisement arrives to Gyujin saying ‘We makes the same AI as the dead person’. He decides to order the AI after deliberation. Now, he no longer needs to keep Mina only in his memory. You, with the same appearance as her, in the same space with me. The musical ‘You&It’ attempts a meaningful consideration of the importance of human dignity and love with the attractive material of AI. In a modern society where nanosociety has arrived and communication between people has been cut off, the musical raises philosophical questions about ‘what makes us truly human’, and delivers the message about the preciousness of life and love. The musical ‘You&It’, which sings about the value of love for each other, will present a great emotional impact to the audience, combining poetic and beautiful music and story with holographic technology along with aesthetic stage design. Since its premiere in Daegu in 2018, You & It has successfully exported license to Taiwan, and being produced as movies and web dramas. In 2023, all seats were sold out in the tour performances, and as having successful performances in the UK, The Korean original musical is about to enter the West End. (UK title: You & AI) In particular, the combination of beautiful live music by a six-member live band and a breathtaking story that makes the audience laugh and cry was evaluated as the highlight of You & It. This NFT album contains nine numbers of You & It, which is lyrical and vividly expresses the love of the couple. Numbers of You & It will be a beautiful gift to the audience who wants to feel the vivid impression of the performance again, and will bring their memories back.