Date: September 19, 2023 Dear Fans of Pakistani Music in Korea, I hope this message finds you in good health and high spirits. With a heavy heart and profound regret, I write to you today on behalf of Nori Entertainment. We are deeply saddened to inform you that the much-anticipated musical concert, initially scheduled for the 28th of September, 2023, has been cancelled due to unforeseen technical and logistical challenges. We understand the immense excitement and anticipation this event has generated among the Pakistani music enthusiasts in Korea, and we share your disappointment. Please believe us when we say this decision was not taken lightly, and it brings us great pain to disappoint you, our valued supporters. The event's cancellation is inadvertent, and we have explored every possible avenue to resolve the technical and logistical issues that arose. However, despite our best efforts, it became evident that we would need more than the high-quality experience you deserve and promised. Please accept our sincerest apologies for any inconvenience and disappointment this cancellation may cause. We know how much this event meant to you, and we share your disappointment. Your trust and enthusiasm have always been our driving force, and we deeply regret not being able to meet your expectations this time. We assure you that Nori Entertainment remains committed to bringing the best of Pakistani music to Korea. We diligently work on plans and are determined to make it up to you with an even better event. Rest assured that we will learn from this experience and take all necessary measures to ensure that such unforeseen issues do not hinder our commitment to providing you with outstanding musical experiences in the future. Once again, we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience and disappointment this cancellation may cause. We sincerely appreciate your unwavering support and promise to do everything possible to make the next event memorable for all Pakistani music lovers in Korea. Thank you for your understanding, patience, and continued support. We look forward to reuniting with you soon and sharing the joy of music again. Sincerely, Nori Entertainment