Bagagee Viphex 13

Bagagee Viphex13, synonymous with an energetic and powerful DJ, is an expert who has been performing all about the DJ dance mushc for over 20 years based in Seoul. Specially he is really good for techno career and powerful drum and bass djing. He is the boss of techno and house dance music label davotab, active as a founder of Zonnafe, and is also known as a producer of game music such like PUBG, DJ Max Respect V and TV commercial music. He has performed at numerous world class festivals such like Ultra Korea, Ultra Japan, World DJ Festival, Arcadia, Tomorrowland Unite, World Club dome. etc. and djed at over 10 countires. He has a large career, including music director for the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics. Various TV appearances, of course, have been exposed to many media, and have won 2nd place in Miller Fresh M Korea in 2009, 3rd place in the world at 2014 Miller Soundclash, and won the 2016 SBS Triangle. With more than 20 years of experience as a techno DJ, he is famous for creative DJing using various equipment, and is good at DJing as well as live performance. When playing drum and bass, he satisfies the audience with a more powerful and powerful DJ.