Requiem (Bagagee Viphex13, Pierre Blanche)

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Techno Epic, Produced by three guys. The collaboration between Bagagee Viphex13 and Pierre Blanche may have been somewhat foreseen. Their propensity to like both the dark, driving sound and the melodies is hard to find even in the Korean underground scene. But they have found a common musical features through the label 'Davotab' and they moved more systematically to express the sounds they pursue. At the end of 2019, Bagagee Viphex13 and Pierre Blanche's collaboration project named '888' has been started. They gathered weekly to discuss about the music and to create their own original sound through in-depth consideration about the concept, progress and expression. Their project, like a factory, has signed contracts with Europeans big labels, including Legend, IAMT, Gain Records and Korpus9. The first of them, released on French leading techno label 'Legend','Last Space' has been loved on the world stage and became a signal of their collaboration to the world. 'Requiem', released through Davotab, stands on a different line from the work it has ever done. Techno scene has recently been dividing into a party music that eliminates the existence of breakdowns and excludes melodies, and repeated melody lines with the smell of Old School Trance. In response, they produced two tracks with using the cinematic scoring technique for emphasizing melody line while they keep hard driving techno sound. In rhis single Requiem. the sound of string instruments, choirs and orchestral percussions are harmonized with powerful, dark kick and bass and analog synthesizer sounds. It seems to indicate that their sound on Bagagee Viphex13's album intro track 'Nativity' which was released last summer, was a prelude to this album. The surreal cover artwork, which embodies Bernini's angelic figure floating in the sky breaking through an abstract 3D object, is also the sound and artwork of this album, which combines tradition and modernity to express an transcending image.